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Better Designs For  Development In Michigan

Local communities can take control of their destinies so that conservation goals will be achieved simultaneously with development objectives, in a manner that is fair to all parties concerned. This "bird's-eye" perspective shows a new way of designing residential developments which differ dramatically  from the current land consumptive approach typical of most Michigan communities.

Agricultural Tourism Local Zoning Guidebook

and Model Zoning Ordinance Provisions

The primary purpose of this publication was to study the impact
of local zoning on agricultural tourism businesses. In many
instances, local ordinances can restrict the activities taking
place on the farm, the location of a farm market, or the location
of crucial signage directing visitors to the businesses. These
zoning restrictions may become more apparent as agricultural
tourism operations expand and develop in more urbanized
areas with conflicting land uses.

Cluster Development 

Cluster development is a residential site design and zoning technique used to protect natural, cultural or recreational features of the landscape while allowing new development. The basic idea is to cluster new development on one portion of a property, while leaving a large tract of environmentally sensitive or scenicland intact on the remainder of the parcel. If used carefully, this technique can significantly lower the impact on the natural landscape and minimize the costs of providing public services to new homes sincethey are located in proximity to each other.

Sourcebook on Natural Landscaping for Local Officials

Local officials are in a position to advocate natural landscaping and bring its benefits to their communities. Government officials can amend comprehensive plans and adopt ordinances to promote the appreciation and use of natural landscapes. Citizen education about the benefits of natural landscaping can provide a powerful incentive, especially if government officials can point to pilot projects of their own.

Model Ordinances Language

This model open space ordinance created by the EPA is intended to be a guide. It contains language that fosters development that is substantially consistent with many local zoning standards yet allows for modifications from the original standards to ensure appropriate, fair, and consistent decision making.

American Rivers

American Rivers is the only national organization standing up for healthy rivers so our communities can thrive. Through national advocacy, innovative solutions and our growing network of strategic partners, we protect and promote our rivers as valuable assets that are vital to our health, safety and quality of life.

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